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About Mae Bloom

Jourdan Wechter

I feel like my story of how I got started gets muddled over the years because I'm constantly trying to evolve, grow and develop my craft everyday. Brief backstory though - I've always had a somewhat Entrepreneurial mindset since I was little. If you ask my mom, I was always selling something that I made. I remember as a kid, I used to make friendship bracelets and displayed them in a plastic purple briefcase and walked door to door, selling them to neighbors. Fast forward through college and a few bumps in my career path that landed me to the job that I feel started it all. I was a Visual Manager for quite a few years with a pretty well known retailer that places a lot of value on Creativity through Window/Floor/Shop Displays. Not only was I responsible for the Visual presentation of the clothes and accessories we sold; but I partnered with an full time display artist in our store on the displays in the store. These display artists are some of the most gifted/talented people I've ever worked with and they inspired me everyday to push myself to think outside the box. One of our installations was all about Macrame - Macrame pieces in our windows, our front display fixtures, etc. I did not know how to macrame along with probably most of my peers in the field - the solution was simple - You Tube it and figure it out. I did and I loved it! I'm not saying it was the most magical creations ever, but like I said first off - I'm always looking for ways to improve my craft, which lead me to opening my small business in November of 2020! Excited to continue to contribute more to the Fiber Arts Community and grow the brand even more!

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